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a timely poem by don marquis

to become grasshoppers

Don Marquis, published 8-18-1919

i was talking 

with an insect the

other day about the

hard times that

cockroaches have to

get a living every

mans hand is against them

and occasionally his 

foot meals

are few and far between

why in the world

says this

insect do you not 

go to the country and become 

grasshoppers if 

living in town and being 

cockroaches is getting 

too difficult for you

I was astonished 

at the simplicity of the 

solution but as i 

thought it over it occurred 

to me that 

perhaps it sounded more 

statesmanlike than it 

really was

how i asked him are 

cockroaches to become 


that is a mere 

detail he said which i 

leave to you for 

solution i have outlined 

the general scheme for your 

salvation so do not ask 

me to settle the mere 

details i trust to you for 

that you must do 

something for yourself

we philosophers cannot do it all

for you unaided you

must learn self help

but alas i fear that

your inherent stupidity will 

balk all efforts

to improve your condition

boss i offer you

this little story

for what its worth

if you are able to 

find in it something

analogous to a number

of easy schemes

for the improvement of the

human race you

may do immense good by 

printing it

yours for reform


Keep Wall Street Occupied

A friend of mine sent me this video and I am truly loving the idea.  It's so simple and a great way to deal with the junk offers that banks, credit cards and loan companies keep sending us.  Send it right back.  And it doesn't cost me a dime.
You see, in every one of those envelopes is a return envelope, postage pre-paid that the company is hoping you'll send back to request their latest over-hyped, over-priced credit card.  All you have to do is take all the junk from the first envelope (including the envelope) fold it up and stuff it in the pre-paid one.  Put the offer letter at the top of the pile and write a nice little note on the top; something along the lines of "Thanks but no thanks" or "Not interested". Seal it and drop it in the closest mail drop.  They get their own junk mail back and even get to pay for the privilege.  If everyone (or at least everyone who like myself is fed up with credit card companies and big banks) did this it would accomplish two things.  First: it would tie up their mailrooms and send a clear message that consumers are fed up with their bulls&!t.  Second; all the money they would have to pay on postage is $ not being spent on advertising and lobbying.
FYI- if you really want to stick it to big banks; close out your accounts and move your money to your local credit union.  We did that over a decade ago and IMHO, it's really the only way to go.  No hidden fees, no nickel and dime your funds down to $0.00 and you always get to talk to a human being when you call.

Good news!!!!!

Had a drs appointment this morning and he said I'll only need the VAC for another 2 weeks!  The end is in sight and I'll be going home soon!  HOOORAYYYYY!!!!! 

Stolen from a friend

Found this on the Facebook page of my friend Vyckie Garrison and since it makes a LOT of sense, I'm sharing it.
"1. Jesus was not an American. He was a Palestinian Jew.
2. America is not, and was not, God's chosen country. Israel was.
3. Jesus was not a capitalist, and didn't endorse our economic system.
4. Jesus was not patriotic. His was a heavenly, not earthly, kingdom.
5. God's Word and patriotism do NOT go hand in hand. I call bullshit.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! I hope you have an enjoyable holiday! Just please, please, please don't mix your patriotism with your religious beliefs! It doesn't do either any good!"


Getting better all the time

After 3 (very) long weeks being in the hospital with a serious infection, I was (finally) discharged this weekend and I'm now in a nursing home.  Just for a short time, I need to learn how to deal with a colostemy and make sure I'm back to good before I go home.  
It's the first time I'd ever been hospitalized or even sick for any length of time.  I found out, I hate being sick and if I never see the inside of a hospital again, I'll be a happy girl.  Nothing quite like enforced confinement to make you really appreciate being healthy and active.  
The one good thing was the nursing staff, as kind, friendly and competent a group of people as I've ever had the priviledge of knowing.  They made an otherwise rough time bearable and God bless them and all their brothers and sisters who work hard to help people like me, sick scared and in pain.


 After the news last night, I feel a sense of relief.  With Bin Laden out of the picture we may finally begin to put the world back on a more peaceful track.
 The uterus is not a universal GPS device.  There are days when we can just barely find our own shit, let alone yours.

Birthday Poem

 A while back I read a book in which one of the characters suggested that everyone should have a birthday poem; a bit of poetry that means something to them that they read on their birthday.  Since it sounded like a good idea and today is my birthday I'm posting one of my favorites.

the song of mehitabel
By Don Marquis
"archy and mehitabel," 1927

Poem followsCollapse )


I glad I went to the polls today, even if Calumet County didn't have much on the ballot.  It's part of my resposiblity as a citizen as well as a chance to express my opinions in a way that I know will get listened to.   

Yanking the Elephant's Tail

HEY, GOP; I am not a republican and what's more I think Scott Walker is a JERK!!! I also think you are a pack of liars and bullies and you can go take a flying leap.

Let's see how long it takes for the WI Republicans to start checking my email.  Wankers.

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